Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What is Rover for HomeSeer?

Rover is a small, free software plugin for HomeSeer v2 that provides a streamlined, simplified, but fully functional web interface. Using Rover, you can control all of your HomeSeer devices using any HTTP/HTML web browser you have.

  • From a Palm, Pocket PC, or other handheld computer, a cell phone, a Sony PSP, or other small computer with limited screen space.
  • Over a very slow connection.
  • Using an old or outdated browser that doesn't support CSS, Javascript, frames, forms, tables, or even images.
  • In a narrow "side panel" in a browser like Opera or FireFox.
  • From a touchscreen, even running an old operating system.

Rover is easy to use, and fully functional out of the box. You can control any kind of device: lamps, appliances, thermostats (both old .thm style and new plugin style), Compose, custom devices, even status-only. You can run any of your events. It's also possible to highly customize it using no coding at all, just by writing small amounts of HTML.

Rover is entirely free to use, or even to alter, steal code from, etc. You can download it using HomeSeer's updater.

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