Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rover Timer

This will be a separate program from Rover, and not require Rover be installed, but be similar in style and in system requirements. Its purpose will be to allow you to set up a one-time timer event using minimal clicks. Following are my notes.

&show=page1, page2, page3, page4, page5, plus options for the selections made on each

Page 1: A brief description of what this does, then a list of device locations and event groups, each being a link to &show=page2&loc=evtScenes (or loc=locLiving_Room).

Page 2: A list of devices or events in the specified loc. If devices, the links are controls (n text format); if events, just the names of the events. Each is a link to &show=page3&action= and the action (in the same format as Rover uses).

Page 3: Title shows the action so far. Shows a list of delays: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Each is a link to &show=page4&action=whatever&time=d500 (the number of seconds). Also has a link to page 3a.

Page 3a: Shows a list of times of day. Each is a link to &show=page4&action=whatever&time=t1215 (that's the specified time). Also has a link back to page 3.

Page 4: If there's no &action field (or an invalid one) jumps back to page 1 or 2 (depending on whether there's a &loc field). If there's no &time field jumps back to page 3. Otherwise, Summarizes the choices so far in an English format (e.g., "In 15 minutes I will turn off the Living Room Stand Fan"). Has links back to each of the pages ("Change the action", "Change the time") as well as a Confirm link which is a link to page 5.

Page 5: Actually creates the event. Reports what was created and offers a link back to the beginning to create a new one, or back to Rover.

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Anonymous said...

Neat Idea! Looks like something that would work well for setting up events to occur after a party (most of the time you can tell WHEN the party is going to fizzel out...so why not setup the "close up party" event during a time of your choosing??)