Friday, January 09, 2009

Rover v2.7 is released

Don't get too excited, it's just a minor bugfix for devices from plugins which aren't set as status-only, but use Iotype to avoid having extra buttons displayed.

Download it here. Or it should be in the Updater before too long.


Skibum said...

Thanks Frank
Always appreciate the updates.

Anonymous said...

I get this error when attempting to control most of my devices. "No device exists at unitcode �!" The actual device code is "%91" I think the "%" prefix may be the issue but manny of my devices use this prefix. Please help.


Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

Any device code that can't be expressed as part of a URL isn't going to work reliably. That's an unavoidable issue given how Rover works with older browsers. If you can't use non-punctuation device codes, there's nothing I can do.