Saturday, June 10, 2006


What is Rover?
Downloading Rover

The current release of Rover is v3.0. New in this version:

  • A new "Grid" style of view, in which devices, events, etc. are arranged in a grid with nice big buttons for easy fingertip operation. Ideal for, and designed for, use on touchscreens like the iPad, but also well-suited to many smartphones.
  • Parameters to control the grid's columns and widths, and new snippets to fit into those.
  • A new Menu option that replaces the long list of links on the bottom with some pull-down, Javascript-based menus. If you're using a smartphone or tablet with a smart enough browser to support those, this is a great way to save valuable screen real estate. If not, you can still use the old links that work in any browser under the sun.
  • Some new options to control Rover such as NavAtTop (moves those menus and links to the top), HideDim (display only on and off buttons for dimmable devices), and a link that lets you save default options in Rover.
  • A few new snippet substitution codes for the new options, plus one that shows the status of any device.
And there's one more really big update in v3.0: Tricks. However, this one is listed on its own page both because it's so much bigger -- it's almost like a whole new Rover -- and because you have to pay a few bucks to get it (but those bucks go straight to charity).

You can upgrade from all earlier versions from the Updater (once v3.0 is there), or by unarchiving the below into your HomeSeer directory, honoring paths and overwriting (I recommend backing up your Rover directory first in case you customized icons):

Download Download Rover v3.0 update

Rover is free, as always. Your support is however welcome.


Anonymous said...

Do you have an older version available that is compatible with HomeSeer 1.6/1.7?

Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

Sorry, I don't.

Anonymous said...

I just moved from HS 1.7 to 2.2. I can't figure out how to control my RCS X10 thermostat now. Is there support for this thermostat still?

(Sorry if this is posted where it doesn't belong--I couldn't see a "tech support" thread.)

Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

Nothing about X-10 thermostats has changed since the first version, but I haven't had one myself to test with for a long time now.

Unknown said...

Rover works great with RCS X10 thermostat if you use the script not the plugin.

Unknown said...

I have just installed a ZWave thermostat. I get Tstat status from Rover but no ability to control the Tstat. Any thoughts here? I am using the Wayne Dalton ZWave Tstat and the Homeseer HSPI_ZWAVETHERM.dll interface.