Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Time Icons

Updates the three icons in HomeSeer's "time bar" -- at the top of every web page. The clock one becomes a dynamic analog clock showing the real time to within 15 minutes. The sunrise one shows the current sun state: up, rising, setting, or down. The sunset one shows the current moon phase.

Unarchive this zip file in your HomeSeer directory, honoring paths. Then create an event which runs it every 10 minutes or so (I recommend setting it to not log). You also need to reset the Read-Only flag on the following files: html\Images\HomeSeer\clock.gif, html\Images\HomeSeer\sunrise.gif, html\Images\HomeSeer\sunset.gif. Otherwise, the script will accomplish nothing.

None needed. However, if you're a West Coaster, you might want to go swap the names of html\icons\suns\rising.gif and html\icons\suns\setting.gif. Heheheh.

Version History
  • v2.0 - 2006-05-06 - First release of v2.

Future Changes
None planned.

Download Download TimeIcon v2

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Anonymous said...

Just added the script. Works perfect. Thanks!

Unknown said...

The download link is now working for Time Icons. Could you fix it?

Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

Fixed. Darned Wildblue.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the quick fix.

I'm getting the following error on HSPro Any idea what permissions I need to change to make the script work?

Running script, script run or compile error in file: update_time_icons.txt70:Permission denied in line 100 More info: Permission denied


Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

I do too under Vista despite changing all the permissions, though I didn't in XP. Once in a while it works though, no reason why. Haven't had time to figure out why or a way around it.

Unknown said...

I got it working in XP. The files were marked as Read Only. Noticed that in your posting description. Changing the Reaf Only flag solved my problem.


Hawthorn Thistleberry said...

Unfortunately it's not that simple in Vista. Same error message though.